The Company

Picture of Abraham Moons gatesLocated in Yorkshire, traditional home of the English cloth mills, the company is unique in being a fully vertical mill, with dyeing, blending, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing processes all taking place on one site.

Throughout the world the name "Moon" has become synonymous with design and innovation.  For many years our ranges have continued to offer the assurance of luxurious quality and unique understanding of the ever changing needs of our customers.

Natural fibres predominate in our collection – wool, cashmere, silk, linen and others.   Where beneficial to the properties of the cloth, man-made fibres may be introduced.  Combining tradition and progress we produce  cloth of the highest quality.

Picture of the mill machineryRanges are created for both the home and international markets from haute couture to high street fashion and from the home to the world’s greatest hotels. The international flavour of the collection is enhanced further by establishing close working relationships with our customers throughout the world.

State of the art manufacturing allied to a highly skilled workforce enable a wide diversity of fabrics to be manufactured at competitive price levels – a prerequisite to success in today’s market place.

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